Building Enclosure ScienceLLC


BES is committed to working collaboratively with Clients and their partners to address the unique specifics of a project. Integral to a successful project is a preliminary review of client needs and goals and a precise presentation of our findings and options.

BES provides expert services rooted in research, testing and experience of the company’s expert staff. A detailed understanding of the materials used in foundations, claddings, fenestrations, waterproofing and roofing systems for both residential and commercial structures is brought to each project. With three decades of experience testing, investigating and rehabilitating buildings around the country, BES has developed a deep and comprehensive understanding of building enclosures.

Understanding how building materials, components and systems behave in varying environmental conditions provides the best basis for evaluating building enclosure performance and durability issues. Decades of experience in providing investigations and diagnostic analysis for existing structures throughout the country has exposed the BES Staff to multiple building types in various types of climate conditions.

An example of a building surface
Making an analysis of a building enclosure
A building with scaffolding